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The alt.support.tourette pre-FAQ


alt.support.tourette is an open newsgroup for all those living with Tourette Syndrome (TS), those with friends or family who have TS, or those interested in TS.

There is a broad range of feelings and opinions on TS: some consider it a degrading neurological disease, others as a blessing in disguise with challenges to learn to cope with, and some see it as a special identity. Also, Tourette Syndrome manifests itself in as many different forms as there are people carrying the gene.

This FAQ will therefore attempt to be representative of as broad a range of divergent viewpoints as possible.

NOTE: Since the newsgroup is only in its infancy, and only a handful of messages have trickled through to my news site, this pre-FAQ as yet only contains the facts as I know them and my opinions. I have tried to answer the most important questions I anticipate people asking.

Please comment, criticise and otherwise let me know what you would like to see put in and taken out so that this can become a proper FAQ!

Changes from previous version:

I've only added a few addresses of support groups and names of books to read. I'm still watching a few threads; in another two weeks or so I'll do a major update and put this out as the first "real" FAQ. (Anybody know how to get this archived at rtfm.mit.edu?)

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Andy Latto . . . . . andyl@harlequin.com
Jeff Cook . . . . . jcook@access3.digex.net "compelling, not involuntary!"

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