the FAQs about
Tourette Syndrome
Table of Contents


Part 1 - What is Tourette Syndrome?
1.1 - Impulses
a) Tics
b) Echolalia, Echopraxia, Palilalia and Other Repetitions
c) Coprolalia, or Swearing
1.2 - Emotional, Behavioural, and Other Related Problems
a) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
b) Attention Deficit Disorder
c) Moods, Episodes and Weird Feelings
1.3 - Cause and Treatment
1.4 - Positive Aspects of Tourette Syndrome
Part 2 - Living with Tourette Syndrome
2.1 - "Is it possible to have been ticcing for years and not know it? Am I just imagining it?"
Part 3 - Where Do I Go From Here?
3.1 - Support Groups and Medical Experts
3.2 - Some References

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